Bass Amplifiers:

Aguilar DB751 head

Aguilar DB410 cabinets

Ampeg SVT Classic heads

Ampeg SVT 8×10″ cabinets

Eden World Tour 800 head

Eden D410XLT 4×10″ cabinets with horn tweeter

Eden D115XLT 1×15 with horn tweeter

Gallien-Kruger 800RB head

Gallien-Kruger 1001RBII head

Hartke HA3500 head

Hartke 410XL 4×10″ cabinets

Hartke 115XL 1×15″ cabinets

SWR SM-400 head

SWR SM-900 head

SWR Goliath 4×10″ cabinet with horn tweeter

SWR Goliath III 4×10″ cabinets with horn tweeter

SWR Big Ben 1×18″ cabinet

SWR California Blonde II

TC Electronic Blacksmith head

TC Electronic RS410 cabinets with horn tweeter